Welcome to Walnut and Rabbit Bakery !

We truly appreciate all the feedback and we are honored that you have chosen us for your special celebration. Be it positive or not, it motivates us to improve to serve you better. There may be times when we do not live up to their expectation. Therefore, we would like to seek everyone’s understanding on the following terms.

1. Cake and dessert Design
Please understand that every cake designer have their very own style on designing a cake. We do not guarantee 100% the same as per the design requested even if the photo of the cake sent was made by us as colors in photos may look different due to lighting and editing. We hope you choose us because of the style we are doing. You can always compare between the bakeries in this market and choose your favorite ones.
2. Flower / Props cake
We reserve the right make appropriate substitution of flower / props which have similar value due to availability / season that may not exactly match the design requested.
3. Non-edible
Our cake toppers, toys , some decoration item are non-edible. Please take note and remove from cake before consumption.
4. Payment / Cancellation
Full payment required to place an order. Order confirmed and proceed upon payment ONLY. No refund once the payment is made. For cancellation with more than 3 days notice, credit may be given for a future order.
5. Change of mind
Design and delivery date, time can’t be changed once the order is confirmed.
6. Props rentalĀ 
The props rental for dessert table package, renter will have to return it to us on the next day of your event. Should any parts be not returned or damaged in any way, the renter will be responsible for the cost of replacing the entire item.
7. Buttercream
We only use good quality Natural butter for our buttercream. It has better consistency and will not melt easily compared to fresh cream. It is rich in butter with silky smooth texture. Suitable for tall cake with fondant / decoration item on it It is originally yellowish in color.
8. Inquiry
You can contact us via WhatsApp text , any phone call will not be entertained in case of emergency. We will attend to your inquiry within 24 hours.
9. Self collection
Self pick up for confirmed order is available from 11am – 5pm at United Point Residence KL. Please make sure you drop us a text at WhatsApp to inform us your ETA so that we can pack the cake upon your collection. The person collecting the cake is wholly responsible for checking that the order specifications of the cake received are correct and in good condition. We will not be responsible for damages that occur after the item is collected.
10. Delivery
Three to four delivery window is required, no specific time allowed. You can choose either 10am-2pm or 2pm-5pm. This is to take into account the traffic and the delivery schedule. Kindly make sure the recipient is ready to pick up the phone call from driver and collect the item within the three or four hour delivery window selected. If the driver arrives the destination but could not reach you after 10 mins of waiting time , please arrange self collection from our self pick up point.
11. Dark coloured cake
Kindly take note that for cake with dark coloured frosting might leave some stains on teeth and skin. Please rest assured that the food colouring used is food grade safe. If this is a concern for you, we would recommend opting for other cake designs if possible.